Research & technological development

From GLP, GMP lab setup help with clean room , HVAC , electrical , engineering support to supply of daily use consumables, USP, EU, WHO grade raw materials and chemical, testing kits and equipments we have the know and acquaintances in the industry to support your R&D and product development through all phases, including pharmaceutical dossiers preparations.


The big B of life science industry today is the Bioprocess segment, from mAb’s to Vaccines, to plasma products to recombinant proteins, Indian market is prepped up for manufacturing scales like never before. We ensure you have not just regular supply of products but our team of industry experts that you buy products which comply to regulatory bodies and setup processes which are CFR 21 part 11 compliant, be it upstream or downstream manufacturing our team is well versed to ensure no downtime anytime.

Cell Culture

We make use not just of our expertise in your cell culture development needs, also of our principles who have over decades acquired acumen to provide you the widest range of technology and products, be it re-usable technologies or even single use technologies, thus ensuring your and your cultures optimum growth.

Drug Discovery & Innovation

A market valued USD 8.2 Billion in 2017 is one of the most sought after by manufacturers new and innovative drugs, mode of administration is what everyone is working today on. We support, through our principles in assay development, kits, sequencing equipment's and consumables, high throughput screening systems etc.

Genomics & Proteomics

Genomics is the study of recombinant DNA technology to analyze the structure and function of the complete set of DNA within an organism. We support in providing systems and tools including electrophoresis and purification systems to isolate DNA templates, PCR and sequencing to determine the sequence and map of the DNA base code, microarrays and genotyping to determine the similarity and differences between sequences, mass spectrometry for analysis of oligonucleotides and next generation sequencers to analyze whole genomes.

Proteomics, the large scale study of proteins, is the next step after genomics in the study of biological systems, and is used in drug discovery, disease treatment research, and proteogenomics, the comparison of multiple species. We support through tools ranging from simple electrophoresis systems to complex chromatography/mass spectrophotometry systems and others as case may be.